los sweets


ensalada de arugulas  7
arugula; topped with green beans, black beans, chopped egg, radishes and dill tossed with mustard vinaigrette

ensalada de alubias  6
giant white beans, fennel, and bacon, tossed with red onions, parsley and olive oil

aceitunas marinadas  5
orange and rosemary cured black and green olives

tortilla española  8
spanish style potato and chorizo omelet served with smoked pimenton aioliand teardrop tomatoes


charcuteria  16
spanish ham and chorizo served with fresh house made pickles, warm breadand aioli

tabla de quesos  13
seasonal assorted imported cheeses from murray’s cheese

arroces  6
orzo, herbal oil, black olives and roasted Hungarian peppers

albondigas con huevo  8
warm meatballs with chopped egg, simmered in tomato sauce