las botanas

salsa y chips 5

guacamole y chips 8

ensalada de arugulas 7
arugula, green beans, radishes, with a dill and mustard vinaigrette

soup of the day 7
daily chef's choice

molletes 7
toasted baguette with your choice of spanish chorizo, serrano ham or mushrooms topped with melted chihuahua cheese

tortilla española 7
spanish style potato omelet, smoked pimenton aioli and teardrop tomatoes

albondigas 8
beef meatballs simmered in tomato sauce

charcuteria 15
spanish ham, chorizo, and smoked duck served with warm bread and aioli

tabla de quesos 14
seasonal assorted imported cheese plate

berengena 6
charred eggplant dip served with cucumber salsa and toasted pita

frijoles con chorizo 7
black beans and chorizo, with pico de gallo, crema and queso fresco

bastoncitos de chocolate 6
chocolate 'brownie' sticks with goat milk caramel and sugar pecans